Random Things

Triangle PuzzleA little puzzle for the slow of thinking =^^=

RM posterOnly really relevant to anyone that's ever seen an RM

Rand1Rand2Rand3Can't remember the site where these 3 came from otherwise I'd link to them

MSRefragM$ Refrag: hard at work

XPThis is what I get for mirroring too many galleries into 1 directory. Mmmm happy colourful XP.

ImationA scan from a pack of 3M Imation floppies. It really is quite scary the level people will stoop to to sell something.
Strip1Strip2Strip3Strip4A small selection of comic strips.

Strip-GermanThough in german, this is read right to left.

ADVA little snapshot of ADV's homepage.

MayJust something to try and convince Pomax that Ken really doesn't exist. =^^= not in any way edited (honest).